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This is a library with modules, documentation and tools for Pandora FMS users, both public Open Source and Enterprise. Please use your support credentials (same as used to enter support/ticketing system) in the menu to your right. You will be granted access to a resourceful module library, such as Oracle, VMware, JBoss and others, ready to be used in production enviroments, with official professional support from Artica. If you do not own an enterprise account, you still can browse and download lots of modules, you can even register a free account and contribute with your own modules/tools for other public users.

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Block device %CPU I/O request: Percentage of CPU time during which I/O requests were issued to the device
Type: Local module Tags: Block device %CPU I/O request porcentaje CPU
Create in: 01/21/2013 Update in: 01/01/1970

CassandraDB plugin: General monitoring of CassandraDB's performance, process and connections.
Type: Agent plugin Tags: CassandraDB Database Base de datos
Create in: 03/06/2014 Update in: 03/07/2014

CISCO SNMP MODULES: We can configure the following modules as remote network modules to monitor Cisco routers and switches through their correspondent OIDS. For this moni...
Type: Network module Tags: cisco snmp modules
Create in: 01/17/2013 Update in: 01/17/2013

CPU user on AIX: This module returns the percentage of CPU occupied by user processes.
Type: Local module Tags: cpu user AIX uso usage
Create in: 12/14/2012 Update in: 12/14/2012

CPU user on HP-UX: This module returns the percentage of the CPU occupied by user processes.
Type: Local module Tags: cpu user HP-UX uso usage
Create in: 12/19/2012 Update in: 12/19/2012

Free disk on HP-UX: It returns the number of processes that are running in the machine.
Type: Local module Tags: free disk HP-UX disco libre
Create in: 12/19/2012 Update in: 12/19/2012

HTTP view: Permite conectarse al agente, desde la vista detalla del agente, por HTTP. Por ejemplo, si tenemos, un gateway de voz o un PBX, y falla algún módulo...
Type: Web module Tags:
Create in: 01/26/2012 Update in: 02/01/2012

Interface rx kB/s Unix: Instant or Average kB/s received on the interface ethX
Type: Local module Tags: Interface rx kB/s Unix received recibidos
Create in: 01/21/2013 Update in: 01/21/2013

KMA small memory available: The amount of memory, in bytes, that the KMA has available in the pool of small memory requests. In this group, a small memory request is less than 25...
Type: Local module Tags: KMA small memory memoria pequeño pool unix resources
Create in: 01/31/2013 Update in: 01/31/2013

Latencia ICMP Windows: This plugin monitoring massive ICMP in Windows environments, status and latency.
Type: Agent plugin Tags: icmp windows latency latencia
Create in: 01/09/2013 Update in: 01/09/2013

LDAP query Plugin: This plugin monitoring OpenLDAP server through Idap queries with no need of having a LDAP client installed in the Pandora server.
Type: Server plugin Tags: Query LDAP plugin
Create in: 03/20/2013 Update in: 03/20/2013

Performance Counter Plugin: This plugin has the ability of the massive monitoring of performance counters in Windows environments
Type: Agent plugin Tags: Performance counters contador de rendimiento Windows
Create in: 12/12/2012 Update in: 12/12/2012

Plugin AutoIT: AutoIt v3 is a freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting. It uses a combination of simulate...
Type: Agent plugin Tags:
Create in: 06/19/2015 Update in: 05/03/2017

RavenDB_Plugin: A general performance settings monitoring plugin on the RavenDB database
Type: Agent plugin Tags: ravendb ravendb monitoring monitor ravendb
Create in: 05/30/2014 Update in: 05/30/2014

Temperatura CPU via SNMP: Este módulo obtiene la temperatura de la/las CPUs de un servidor proliant DL360. El OID mostrado es para la CPU 1 del equipo. El valor devuelto por e...
Type: Network module Tags:
Create in: 11/15/2012 Update in: 11/15/2012

Tuxedo: This plugin has been done for the purpose of defining a custom monitoring for Tuxedo servers, and at the same time on an automateded way. Thus, this p...
Type: Agent plugin Tags:
Create in: 11/06/2013 Update in: 11/06/2013