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Active Directory Enterprise Monitoring: This manual helps you to monitor your Active Directory installation using Pandora FMS.
Type: Local module Tags: ad active directory microsoft
Create in: 07/17/2012 Update in: 07/17/2012

Advanced Log Parser: This advanced plugin allow you to monitor logs easily, with more options than the default parser included in the agents. Formerly called "Enterpr...
Type: Agent plugin Tags: log log parser log monitoring
Create in: 07/17/2012 Update in: 08/18/2015

Babel Integration Plugin: This plugin provide access to Babel Enterprise API to gather data to be monitored with Pandora FMS. This plugin has the following requirements: ...
Type: Server plugin Tags: Babel Enterprise
Create in: 03/16/2011 Update in: 03/16/2011

Citrix: Pandora FMS Citrix plugin Technology: powerhsell Based on performance counter information.
Type: Agent plugin Tags: app virtualization vdi
Create in: 09/07/2016 Update in: 09/23/2016

Citrix NetScaler Plugin Enterprise: Allow the monitorization of the services infrastructure defined in a citrix Netscaler device. Build the dependencies between services. Also monito...
Type: Remote plugin plugin Tags: citrix netscaler networkgin balanced
Create in: 09/08/2016 Update in: 09/23/2016

Citrix SNMP Connected users: This is remote plugin for getting the remote users connected in a Citrix server, using the SNMP interface on Citrix server. Plugin accepts -H IP_Addre...
Type: Server plugin Tags: citrix
Create in: 11/08/2010 Update in: 01/01/1970

CVS server status: This plugin connects to the CVS server at the given CVSROOT and checks that it is running properly by asking for the server version. This is a "q...
Type: Server plugin Tags: CVS
Create in: 07/28/2011 Update in: 07/28/2011

Docker Swarm Health Check: Small Server plugin to monitor basic health checks of a Docker Swarm infrastructure. You can check out installation instructions and prerequisites ...
Type: Server plugin Tags: docker high availability cluster swarm
Create in: 03/09/2016 Update in: 03/09/2016

ePolicy Orchestrator Enterprise Monitoring: With this manual you can monitor McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator application
Type: Local module Tags: enterprise ePo mcafee policy orchestrator
Create in: 06/06/2012 Update in: 06/06/2012

FIM Enterprise Plugin: This is an Enterprise Plugin to monitor Evetns from Forefront Identity Manager
Type: Local module Tags: enterprise fim forefront identify manager
Create in: 06/06/2012 Update in: 09/23/2016

Integria Plugin: This plugin provide access to Integria API to gather data to be monitored with Pandora FMS. This plugin has the following requirements: 1.- Yo...
Type: Server plugin Tags: Integria
Create in: 03/16/2011 Update in: 03/16/2011

IPMI Plugin and Recon Task: This plugin allows Pandora FMS to discover and to monitor IPMI devices in order to save energy using your Datecenter. You can see all information a...
Type: Server plugin Tags: IPMI
Create in: 10/11/2011 Update in: 05/04/2016

JVM Performance: There is an utility from Sun (now Oracle :-D) that may help you (check that is installed in your system, command jps: http://java.sun.com/perform...
Type: Local module Tags: jvm
Create in: 08/20/2010 Update in: 01/01/1970

Lotus Notes Monitoring: This manual helps you to monitor Lotus Notes application using Pandora FMS Enterprise.
Type: Local module Tags: enterprise lotus notes lotus notes domino
Create in: 07/18/2012 Update in: 06/13/2013

Mentweet plugin for twitter: This script provides the number of tweets with mentions of a string in the last X seconds
Type: Server plugin Tags: twitter plugin
Create in: 11/30/2011 Update in: 03/14/2012

Modbus Query Plugin: Generic Modbus Query plugion Pandora FMS Server plugin This plugin requires mbtools from http://mblogic.sourceforge.net and python. Generic Mo...
Type: Local module Tags: modbus
Create in: 06/03/2011 Update in: 01/01/1970

new server plugin module:
Type: Server plugin Tags:
Create in: 09/25/2013 Update in: 01/01/1970

NTP monitor: This plugin uses ntpq to fetch info about your time sinchronization sources of a linux server. To install it: 1. Verify that your system has ntpq ...
Type: Agent plugin Tags: ntp
Create in: 03/19/2013 Update in: 03/19/2013

Pandora FMS pending packets in queue: Useful to know if your server is too heavy loaded or have problems.
Type: Local module Tags: Pandora FMS
Create in: 08/15/2009 Update in: 08/15/2009

PandoraFMS server self monitoring: This ".rar" file includes policies for Windows and Linux self monitoring and some scripts and plugins needed.
Type: File Tags: pandora monitoring policy
Create in: 07/21/2016 Update in: 07/21/2016

Puppet plugin: Plugin for monitoring Puppet agents. It needs one parameter: --summary-file: The "last_run_summary.yaml" file. PREREQUISITES =======...
Type: Agent plugin Tags: puppet
Create in: 01/31/2014 Update in: 04/25/2014

Remote backup check: This plugin is used to check if a file in a remote (FTP) server has X days or less from last modification, at has at least X KB in size. Files to chec...
Type: Server plugin Tags: backup
Create in: 12/18/2012 Update in: 12/18/2012

SAP R3: Full SAP R3 Monitoring. SAP(R) Certified plugin, using NetWeaver and Java JCO Libraries. It only needs RFC Remote connection. More details included in...
Type: Agent plugin Tags: SAP
Create in: 09/28/2015 Update in: 06/21/2017

Tuxedo: This plugin has been done for the purpose of defining a custom monitoring for Tuxedo servers, and at the same time on an automateded way. Thus, this p...
Type: Agent plugin Tags:
Create in: 11/06/2013 Update in: 11/06/2013

WEBData: This plugin uses a simple HTTP get to grab data from a simple WEB API/Rest. This is used to get simple values from simple WEB services, using a simple...
Type: Server plugin Tags: web api
Create in: 06/23/2011 Update in: 01/01/1970

Weblogic: This requires to develop a kind of agent plugin or script which collects information directly from server, after setup the java enviroment. Informa...
Type: Documentation Tags: weblogic
Create in: 04/28/2010 Update in: 01/01/1970

Wordpress: Hardening, monitoring and security plugin for Wordpress. 100% free and openSource. No tricks, no freemium of "enterprise" features. This plu...
Type: Other Tags: wordpress
Create in: 03/06/2017 Update in: 03/06/2017