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This is a library with modules, documentation and tools for Pandora FMS users, both public Open Source and Enterprise. Please use your support credentials (same as used to enter support/ticketing system) in the menu to your right. You will be granted access to a resourceful module library, such as Oracle, VMware, JBoss and others, ready to be used in production enviroments, with official professional support from Artica. If you do not own an enterprise account, you still can browse and download lots of modules, you can even register a free account and contribute with your own modules/tools for other public users.

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Tools for Pandora FMS, not catalogued under other categories.


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A project downloads in Sourceforge.net: A so simple php script that get from sourceforge API the number of downloads of a project between two dates. Syntax: php5 ./sf_downloads.php pro...
Type: Remote plugin plugin Tags: sourceforge plugin
Create in: 01/02/2013 Update in: 01/01/1970

Goliat Recorder: This is a session recorder to use with Pandora FMS WEB monitoring engine (Goliat). This will generate a configuration file for a WEB Check. This is...
Type: Other Tags: web
Create in: 03/06/2012 Update in: 03/06/2012

MatterMost integration: Real-time MatterMost integration with PandoraFMS
Type: Other Tags: mattermost chatops
Create in: 03/15/2016 Update in: 03/15/2016

PagerDuty integration with alerts: Integration script to integrate the PagerDuty notification tool with the Pandora FMS alerts. With this script configured as a alert command it's p...
Type: Server plugin Tags: PagerDuty alerts
Create in: 01/16/2014 Update in: 01/31/2014

Pandroid 3.0 (With buffer support and inventory): This is an extended version (more features) than the version you can find in the Play Android Store. This has a buffer to store information which cann...
Type: Other Tags: android pandroid agent
Create in: 05/27/2013 Update in: 05/27/2013

PWR recorder: PWR recorder allows you to record a web navigation session for WUXServer Download from this link: https://we.tl/YxwhOlu9Hc
Type: Other Tags: wux wuxserver pwr pwrd recorder selenium
Create in: 09/07/2017 Update in: 09/08/2017

RealOpInsight: RealOpinsight (http://realopinsight.com) is a business service monitoring tool that enables you to manage your IT while focusing on the services you p...
Type: Other Tags: Addon Business Intelligence Business Service Monitoring DashBoard
Create in: 12/16/2014 Update in: 12/17/2014

Slack integration: Real-time Slack integration with PandoraFMS
Type: Other Tags: slack chatops
Create in: 03/15/2016 Update in: 03/15/2016