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Network Connections, Stats and Bandwidth


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IPTraf collector: This collector allows you to monitor network traffic using IPTraf application and Pandora FMS
Type: Local module Tags: network traffic iptraf
Create in: 07/10/2012 Update in: 10/28/2013

Lost packets: This small remote plugin return packages lost on a given SNMP interface.
Type: Server plugin Tags: lost packet
Create in: 04/06/2011 Update in: 06/29/2012

Network latency: This is done using a linux server, by executing ping and parsing its output, depending on linux distro could be different and you will need to adjust ...
Type: Local module Tags: latency
Create in: 03/11/2011 Update in: 06/29/2012

Network Traffic: This module show the amount of traffic in and out the server. It is very useful to set up alerts for over or sub utilization of the network.
Type: Local module Tags: network net traffic
Create in: 03/02/2010 Update in: 06/29/2012

Packet Loss: Plugin Done by Guido De vita. Este plugin mide el packet loss de un enlace Hint: The script works better with no mtu specification and -c 030
Type: Network module Tags: Packett Loss
Create in: 02/16/2010 Update in: 06/29/2012

Pandora ASA5500 VPN: These plugins allows to monitor the status and the sessions active in your ASA5500 network controller
Type: Agent plugin Tags: asa5500 asa vpn sessions network
Create in: 09/08/2016 Update in: 09/23/2016

Ping IPv6: This plugin allows to add IPv6 monitoring capabilities to PandoraFMS.
Type: Network module Tags: networking ipv6 ping host alive
Create in: 06/04/2010 Update in: 06/29/2012

RouteTable: Return the IP's V4 route table
Type: WMI module Tags: ROUTE TABLE
Create in: 02/14/2011 Update in: 06/29/2012

Traceroute plugin: This plugin calls the linux traceroute command on the given agent IP and returns the number of hops required to find the host or 9999 on failure. You ...
Type: WMI module Tags: network traceroute tracert
Create in: 07/27/2011 Update in: 11/07/2014