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Author: slerena Create in: 03/06/2017 Update in: 03/06/2017
Module type : Other

Hardening, monitoring and security plugin for Wordpress. 100% free and openSource. No tricks, no freemium of "enterprise" features. This plugin is used to secure access to your Wordpress control panel renaming login page and protecting it with recapcha and to audit accesses and protect it from brute force attacks.

Aditional security features includes: password audit for all active accounts (via dictionary), control WP Core version and all plugins updates, avoid malicious PHP code upload, disable WP Generator, enhance robots.txt.

This plugin do also a full-scan of your files to detect new files, changed files, suspicious code in current contents and bad permission. It also checks "official" WP code with your installation to check if it's the original.

All security checks can enabled/disabled and be warned by email.

Included files

    File: pandorafms-wp.zip Size: 1237KiB
    Uploaded in: 06/03/2017
    Description: Monitoring plugin for Wordpress (Wordpress plugin format)