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Policy SharePoint

Author: fborja Create in: 09/07/2016 Update in: 09/07/2016
Module type : Network module

Policy to monitor Microsoft SharePoint

Module data

.NET CLR Memory % Time in GC
.NET CLR Memory Gen 0 Collections
.NET CLR Memory Gen 1 Collections
.NET CLR Memory Gen 2 Collections
AppHostSvc Service
ASP.NET Applications Requests
ASP.NET Request Execution Time
ASP.NET Request Wait Time
ASP.NET Requests Current
ASP.NET Requests Queued
ASP.NET Requests Rejected
Avg. Disk Read Queue Length
Avg. Disk Write Queue Length
Cache Async Fast Reads
Cache Read Aheads
Current Disk Queue Length
FIMService Service
FIMSynchronizationService Service
Logical Disk Free Space
Logical Disk Idle Time
Logical Disk Read
Logical Disk Read Bytes
Logical Disk Write Bytes
Logical Disk Writes
Memory Available MBytes
Memory Cache Faults
Memory Page Faults
Memory Page Reads
Memory Page Writes
Memory Pages
Network Interface Bytes Received
Network Interface Bytes Sent
Network Interface Bytes Total
Network Interface Packets Received
Network Interface Packets Sent
OSearch15 Service
Paging File % Usage
Paging File % Usage Peak
Physical Disk Reads
Physical Disk Writes
Process Processor Time
Process Thread Count
Process Working Set
Processor Time
SPTimerV4 Service
SQLServer Batch Requests
SQLServer Buffer cache hit ratio
SQLServer Cache Hit Ratio
SQLServer Cache Object Counts
SQLServer Cache Objects in use
SQLServer Cache Pages
SQLServer Connection
SQLServer Database Active Transactions
SQLServer Database Tracked Transactions
SQLServer Database Transactions
SQLServer Database Write Transactions
SQLServer Lock Requests
SQLServer Lock Timeouts
SQLServer Lock Wait Time
SQLServer Lock Waits
SQLServer Locks Average Wait Time
SQLServer Logical Connections
SQLServer Number of Deadlocks
SQLServer Re-Compilations
SQLServer SQL Compilations
SQLServer Total Latch Wait Time
SQLServer Transactions
SQLServer User Connections
W3SVC Service
WAS Service

Included files

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