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Author: slerena Create in: 11/06/2013 Update in: 11/06/2013
Module type : Agent plugin

This plugin has been done for the purpose of defining a custom monitoring for Tuxedo servers, and at the same time on an automateded way. Thus, this plugin is able to work locally using native Tuxedo administration tools, through CLI.

This plugin performs various operations from the plugin:

- Getting Data from Tuxedo server performance, given a type of check, and optionally specific object name to be monitored around the check in question.
- Data server application processes and client connections. From the status and availability of all total up to check detailed unique applications.
- Data of services running on the server(s). Both, requests made, and their availability. In total and for each unique service, indicating under what queue application are running.
- Information about interfaces and queues in use in the servers. Different kinds of performance data and status.
- Information about a filesystem / logical volume. Measuring the % of free disk.
- Tuxedo server log file parsing (using the log parser already present in the agent).
- Information of the Tuxedo server, using the tmadmin tool, reporting a total of 32 metrics, like Tuxedo Total Server Count, Tuxedo Total Client Count, Tuxedo Active Interface Count, Tuxedo Interface Requests Queued (total and per interface), etc.

This plugin has an external configuration file where you can define what checks you want to use.

Included files

This files are only available to download to enterprise customers.