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A project downloads in Sourceforge.net

Author: Create in: 01/02/2013 Update in: 01/01/1970
Module type : Remote plugin plugin

A so simple php script that get from sourceforge API the number of downloads of a project between two dates.


php5 ./sf_downloads.php project_name start_date end_date


* Project name must be the short name on sourceforge used, in example, in the URL of the project like https://sourceforge.net/projects/PROJECT_NAME

* Start and end date must be in YYYY-MM-DD format

Module data

Get the downloads between two dates of a project from sourceforge.net

if(isset($argv[1])) {
$project = $argv[1];
else {
$project = 'pandora';

if(isset($argv[2])) {
$start_date = $argv[2];
else {
$start_date = '2012-01-01';

if(isset($argv[3])) {
$end_date = $argv[3];
else {
$end_date = '2012-12-31';

$json_stats = file_get_contents("https://sourceforge.net/projects/$project/files/stats/json?start_date=$start_date&end_date=$end_date");
$stats = json_decode($json_stats, true);
echo $stats['total'];