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Ad-Hoc Monitoring Scripts

Author: tpalacios Create in: 09/28/2011 Update in: 09/28/2011
Module type : File

Community contribution by gbr:

This is an advanced way to monitor high system volumes, similar between them, in a way completely "ad-hoc". To do this you should have tools that already exist that give you information about your systems.
Some examples can be:
• Scripts that it has that gives information about remote systems.
• Other monitoring systems already working that generate data that could be reused.
• Small checks that are similar for a group of XXX machines, but that don't return a single data but several simultaneously. If they would return data one by one, it could reuse them as plugins for the remote server.

The philosophy is simple: it uses an script to generate the agent XML headers, writing the agent name that you want and filling in the module data through an script, external, that it executes as argument.

This external script should generate the correct data with the Pandora XML format (extremely simple!). The main script will close the XML and moves it to the standard path to process the SML data files (/var/spool/pandora/data_in). Program the script through CRON.

You have more information about the XML format that Pandora FMS uses to report the data. Please, check our technical annexes.

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