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Babel Integration Plugin

Author: Create in: 03/16/2011 Update in: 03/16/2011
Module type : Server plugin

This plugin provide access to Babel Enterprise API to gather data to be
monitored with Pandora FMS.

This plugin has the following requirements:

1.- You need a Babel Enterprise installed with the API enable.

2.- This plugin was developed to collect single data not arrays of values
so you only can collect for example the risk of one host or the risk
of one domain per call. If you need to monitor the risk of all Babel
hosts you should do a call per each host.

If you need more information about plugin parameters just type:

$> ./babel_plugin -h

You will see:

Babel Integration Pandora FMS Plugin. http://pandorafms.com
-c : babel console path (Passed in field Targer IP of module creation)
-u : user (Passed in field Username of module creation)
[-k] : API key (required if key is set on babel console)
-r : request
[-f] : parameters (default '')
[-s] : separator token (default ',')
./babel_plugin.sh -c -u user -r host_risk -f main_server

Available operations: (-r)

* host_risk
* domain_risk
* active_risk

You can see more information about Babel Enterprise API at:


Included files