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XEN Server monitoring

Author: slerena2 Create in: 11/08/2010 Update in: 01/01/1970
Module type : Local module

This is a few command line executions from the Xen Server on how to obtain useful information. Just install a Pandora FMS agent in the Xen Server to get it and send to Pandora FMS server:

Module data

Displays uptime for a domain
xm uptime

Monitors a host and its domains in real time
xm top

Displays domain information
xm list

Displays host information
xm info

Lists domain virtual processors
xm vcpu-list

Lists domain virtual network interfaces
xm network-list

Displays node information
virsh nodeinfo

Displays domain virtual processor information
virsh vcpuinfo

Displays the xend log
xm log

Displays domain information
virsh dominfo

Reads the xend daemon’s message buffer just like dmesg
xm dmesg

Further readings
Read xm and virsh command man page.