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SMS Gateway script for WEB Service at cardboardfish.com

Author: slerena2 Create in: 02/24/2010 Update in: 02/24/2010
Module type : Other

This is an implementation of the Perl API of Cardboardfish SMS service using HTTP. Is packaged and ready to be used with Pandora FMS for SMS alerting using the enterprise service at cardboardhist.com.

I made is because we use it, but we don't have any commercial relationship with cardboardfish.com, just adapted their API and implemented an easy to install script :-)



perl Makefile.pm
make install


Edit /usr/local/bin/sendsms and set your service user & password


Call /usr/local/bin/sendsms with three parameters

1. Source ID (Number or string).
2. Destination phone, with international code. For example (in spain) 34678282828
3. Message text with single quotes, for example 'This is my message text'

A sample call to this command will be

sendsms PandoraFMS 34627934456 'Your server is ready, thanks'

Included files