We are moving!

We are currently migrating the old library to a new one. Please, do not UPLOAD or modify any of your plugins/modules. Please wait until 1st January 2018. New library site will be at https://pandorafms.com/library with a better interface. We're working hard to move all the modules/plugins from this site to the new one.
This is a library with modules, documentation and tools for Pandora FMS users, both public Open Source and Enterprise. Please use your support credentials (same as used to enter support/ticketing system) in the menu to your right. You will be granted access to a resourceful module library, such as Oracle, VMware, JBoss and others, ready to be used in production enviroments, with official professional support from Artica. If you do not own an enterprise account, you still can browse and download lots of modules, you can even register a free account and contribute with your own modules/tools for other public users.

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% 10 100 10000 1810 1910 2000 2035dn 2510 2580n 2610 2675 2910 2950x 2s+ 3000 3170 3325 3800 3900 3Com 3Com Inc 3ware Modelo 3ware RAID 3ware RAID 5 4 4.1 4020 4070x 4345 4555 459 472x 5.0 5000 5130 5200 5400zl 5448 5550 6040 7346 750e 7525 7xx 809u 8g 9 9040 9130 9140 9500 A10 AccordNetworks account blocked account deleted Account disabled account enabled windows account locked ACKP acsc100 actatek Active Directory active directory actividad en buffer activities ad Ad-Hoc Addon Adtran advanced agent agent plugin airfiber AIX aix akcp Alcatel-OS Alcatel/Xylan alerts alfresco Allot Communications almacenamiento alteon web systems alto american amm analyzer android apache apache webserver apache2 apc apcupsd api api acl violation app virtualization archivos arista arp articulo aruba asa asa5500 asdasd ASE asterisk Authentication Automatic Reset Boot average average time AX1000 AXENT Technologies Babel Enterprise background backup bacula balanced balancer Base de datos bekarts Belkin NetInsight UPS Bestpower bgp bios BIOS blacklist domain mail blade block Block device %CPU I/O request Block device service time I/O Block device transfers per second Blocked IO Queue BlockedIOQueue bloqueada bloques recursos bmc bootup time BreezeCom brocade browser Business Intelligence Business Service Monitoring c300 c7000 CacheFlow cambio contraseña card carga carga media carpetas CassandraDB catalyst CCR1009-8G-1S ccr1036 CCR1036-8G-2S+ chassis Chassis Bootup chatops check check urls CheckPoint chequeo ftp chrome cisco cisco sla Cisco Systems. snmp citrix Citrix Netscaller Citrix Systems cloud cluster clx CMU SNMP color Comet Systems command compaq Compaq Compaq IM Complete mibs collection computer load info computer manufacturer computer name computer roles computer status computer system description Concord Networks concurrent configuration change contador de rendimiento contraseña windows controlador controller conversión cooling core cp CPQ Wireless cpu cpu free linux CPU LOAD CPU load cpu model cpu number CPU system cpu user AIX cpu user HP-UX cpu user Solaris CPU Utilization Unix CPUUsage cuentas cuentas borradas cuentas deshabilitadas. cuentas habilitadas curl custom CVS d-link DashBoard data database Database databases Databases datacom Daylight In Effect db db2 DB2 enterprise dbspace dell Dell Computer Corporation device dgs-1510 directory disco corrupto disco libre disco ocupado disk disk array disk discovery DISK PARTITION Disk structure corrupted disk transfer disk usage Disk Usage Peak disk windows DiskAvgQueueLength DiskPhysIORate DiskUsagePeak dispositivo dispositivos distribucion distribution dns DNS hostname DNSCache docker Docsis compilant MIBs Domain domain domain controller domain role dominios DRBD ds dsm du eaton EC2 Efficient Networks Inc egnite electronica Elfiq emc emerson Enterasys Networks enterprise Enterprise enterprise plugin ePo epo mcafee espacio discos espacio libre discos estado de los procesos. process status esx esxi eth Event eventos eventos windows events ex exadata exchange EXCHANGE 2003 EXCHANGE 2007 Exchange ActiveSync Plugin Exchange EndtoEnd Blackberry Plugin Exchange Outlook Anywhere Plugin Exchange OWA Plugin Extreme XOS f5 F5 Networks Fail FAM file File disk file list files fim firefox firewall fisica flash Folder force forefront identify manager fortinet Fortinet Foundry Networks free free disk free inodes Linux Free memory free memory Free Memory free paging space free swap memory freeswitch Front Panel Reset ftp FTP plugin fujitsu servers Fujitsu Siemens (more oids) galaxy gateway GP grep_log group grupo handle harddrive hardening Hbase monitoring heartbeat high availability hitachi hmc Home Plug hora host alive hp HP hp dl380 HP Printer HP StorageWorks hp ux hp-ux HP-UX HPVM Virtualization hpvmstatus HSRP httod http http hits Huawei hw hyper-v hyperV I/O ibm IBM Corporation icmp icon set ii iis IIS web IIS windows Imap imap imaps imm imm2 info Info processor Unix infoblox informix infrared support inodes linux inodos inodos libres inrow insight install date instances xntpd HP-UX instancias proceso ntpd instancias xntpd integration Integria interface Interface rx kB/s Unix Interface rx pcks/s Unix Interface tx kB/s Unix Interface tx pcks/s Unix interfaz interfaz ip interseptor inventory io IO iostat ip sla IPMI ipmi ipmi hardware monitoring iptraf ipv6 is isilion isilon ISS 6 issued it jacarta java jboss Jira Pandora Integration Issue JMX jobss json juniper Juniper Netscreen jvm kemp Kentix kernel kernel memory allocated keyboard password kill terminate progs programs KMA KMA kernel memory allocation KMA Kernel memory allocation large memory allocated KMA Kernel memory allocation large memory failed KMA Kernel memory allocation oversize memory allocated KMA Kernel memory allocation oversize memory failed KMA Kernel memory allocation small memory failed KMA small memory kyocera large memory available laserjet last login latencia latency LDAP LDAP plugin leidos length libre license activation liebert Liebert Corporation Linksys linux Linux linux cpu linux cpu average linux firewall plugin load load average load info computer loadmaster local log Log events log monitoring log parser logon lost packet lotus notes lotus notes domino Lucent Technologies LVS m mac mail mail transport layer Maipu management manager Marconi masterys mattermost mcafee McAfee Antivirus media memoria memoria libre memoria pequeño memory Memory buffer activity Memory cached activity Unix memory windows MemUsage message MIB_I5-22_Reg mic microsoft Microsoft Microsoft - Win2K Microsoft -SQL Microsoft Biztalk mikrotik Mikrotik ml mobile modbus model computer module modules MODULES MODULESSNMP mongo mongodb MongoDB monitor hbase monitor ravendb monitoring Monitoring Motorola MS cluster MS SQL msm MSSQL mssql mtl mysql MySQL MySQL Server nagios plugin navigation nebula Net Out Queue Length net-snmp netapp netbios NetBolz NetColPct Netopia NetOutQueueLength NetPktRate netscaler Netscape NetScreen netstat network Network Appliances network net traffic network node manager network operations centre network server enable network stats Network Technologies networkgin networking NFS client NFSCallRate nginx nic nnm nobreak Nokia Nortel Networks nosql Novell ntp ntpd instances NTPD synchronization number Number processes numero de procesos occupied odbc onefs online Open OpenLDAP OpenNebula OpenVPN Sessions opzoon oracle Oracle Oracle snmp ospf packet loss Packett Loss PageOutByteRate PageOutRate PagerDuty PageRqRate PageScanRate paginacion de memoria Pagination memory Linux palo Panda Gatedefender pandora Pandora FMS pandroid paquetes recibidos part domain password admin password change password reset windows password status power pdu percentage performance Performance Performance counters perl Perle phone physical mem free ping plugin Plugin pmi policy policy orchestrator politica pool pop pop3 pops porcentaje porcentaje cpu porcentaje CPU porcentaje inodos libres postfix postgreSQL postgresql power power management capabilities power management support power state power supply state powerconnect PowerShell powerware Poweware print server printer pro probe proccess number proceso procesos procesos corriendo procesos cpu procesos usados procesos zombies process process CPU process kill process memory solaris Process RAM process running linux process running Solaris processes high CPU processor product id proxy puppet pwr PWR Server pwrd qnap qos querx-th Query query sql server queue queue length rack radius radware Raid ram RAM ravendb ravendb monitoring received received packages recibidos recon recorder redhat remedy remedyforce remote Remote request reset capability reset count reset limit resources resources monitor RFC Standards rhev Riello UPS Riverbed RMON RND Networks. snmp Route ROUTE TABLE router routers RPC client rsa aceserver rss python reader ruijie running RunQueue Ruta s50 sa salesforce samba samsung SAP scx sectores sectors security Selenium selenium semaphore sensors series server server plugin serverlink servertech service services services AIX services HP-UX servicio servicios servidor servidor impresion sessions sf300-48 share sharepoing Shiva Corporation sistemas size slack small memory Smart smart array smartarray smartups SMB sms smtp SMTP smtps snapshot snmp SNMP SNMP service snmpget Snort socomec software solaris Sonicwall sonicwall sourceforge spread SQL sql SQL Server SQLPlus squid srx ssg5 ssh SSH Plugin SSL certificate monitoring status Status Cisco ASA stock storage StorageWorks streaming sum memory Sun Microsystems sun one sunone swap Swap Out Rate swap space SwapOutRate swarm switch Sybase synology Synology NAS Monitoring system system io system startup delay system startup options systems tamaño cola TCP tcw122b-cm telnet temp temp directory template teracom TerminalServer tiempo TIME time sync tomcat Tomcat memory web TOPSEC traceroute tracert traffic transfer transmitidos transmitted traps ts ts ts-459 ts-809u twitter type tz105 ubiquiti Ucd-snmp ultimo Unisphere unix Unix UNIX Unix Disk Physical IO Rate Unix filesystems Unix Mem Usage Unix Net Packet Rate Unix NFS Call Rate Unix Page Out Bytes rate Unix Page Out rate Unix Page Request Rate Unix Page Scanning rate unix resources Unix Run Queue update ups UPS UPS MERLIN GERIN usage usb share used used disk used inodes user users uso uso de cpu uso disco v2c varnish varnish cache vdi Verax System Corp version virtual virtual mem virtual memory virtual;kvm;quemu virtualbox virtualizacion virtualization Virtualization visible memory Visual Console visual console vm vm server VM;Virtualization;Nutanix;virtual;hiperconvergencia;máquina virtual vmware vmware virtualization enterprise plugin vsphere esx voip Volumenes Windows vpn vsphere vx watchdogs watchguard web Web web api http https web parse web server web servers web service weblogic webserver Websphere whatsapp windows Windows WIndows windows sqlserver Windows Volumes Windows; WMI; wireless wlan wlsx WMI wmi WMI service wordpress workcentre write wux WUX wuxserver xen xenserver xerox zimbra zombie zombie processes zombie processes AIX zombie processes HP-UX zombie processes solaris zones